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Star Sapphire Cici by shadowmjl
Star Sapphire Cici
"Cici the Cat of Mobius. You have great love in your heart. Welcome to the Star Sapphires."

So yeah, a semi-Christmas gift to my friend :iconccgonzo12: Hope you like it, Cici ^^ Also, of course, the second of my own Green Lantern pics. I was doing Val as my second pic but put him on hold to do this first instead. Anyone who knows Cici will agree, Star Sapphire suits her perfectly and apart from worrying about her costume being too similar in color to her fur, i actually kinda like this one. ^^;

Base by :iconcrazzy-glazi: Sonic Base 23
Sinestro Corps Gabe by shadowmjl
Sinestro Corps Gabe
"Gabriel the Bandicoot of Mobius. You have shown the ability to instill great fear. Welcome to the Sinestro Corps."

Yeah, i'm surprised it took me this long to do pics of my character as Lanterns too 8I I've been a big fan of :iconberty-j-a:'s Green Lantern Sonic pics for ages and decided to finally take a whack at it myself and honestly...i friggin hate this pic -_- But it's the best i got for the moment. Gonna be posting some more like this in the near future hopefully so we'll see if i get any better =/

Base by :iconjava-mocha:
Rocky Raccoon FNAF by shadowmjl
Rocky Raccoon FNAF
Why? Because i'm a whore -_-;

I've been riding a Five Nights at Freddy's fan-boner ever since the first game came out and the way such a small game has just exploded into such a loved series is awesome and definitely deserved....SO YEAH 8D I ended up making my own Fan Character. Yes, it's basically Val as one of the animatronics but i tried to change him enough to keep things interesting. So without further ado, here's his profile;

Name: Rocky Raccoon

Role: Rocky is a pseudo villain for the pizzeria, he’d pretend to steal pizzas during the show and hide them away in Pirate Cove and also hide tokens around the restaurant and arcade for kids to find and hand in for prizes and stuff. He’d be called out for birthday parties with the others but his favorite job was during events planned around Halloween, he’d be called in to sneak up and scare people.

Persona: A crew mate of Foxy, Rocky is a thief and thus is very good at hiding and sneaking around, he loves to jump out and scare people. Ironically though he’s not a fan of kids. They give away his hiding spots, tear his suit and cover him in food and gunk and God knows what else. Plus he gets in trouble when he scares them too much so they even stop him having fun.

Mechanics: During the Night shift Rocky gets to play his game HIS way; the Security Guard has his cameras and Rocky tries to sneak into the office without being seen at all. Unlike Freddy or Foxy who you can’t help but see coming, Rocky prides himself on his stealth. It’d be very hard to catch him on the cameras and the only tell would be the glow of his eyes in the shadows. The balance would be, if he IS caught on camera in the light, he’ll stay put in that room for a few minutes and if caught too many times he’ll go back to the rooms around Pirate Cove and start over.
If he makes it into the Office he doesn’t immediately initiate his jumpscare, instead acting more like the Balloon Boy; He’d stand in the corner or under a desk hiding, again his eyes being the only indicator of his position, and block the use of the flashlight and door lights.
He DOES still have a Jumpscare, of course but the deciding factor on that would be his frustration. If he’s been caught on camera too many times before making it to the office or if Foxy has already been blocked from getting into the Office enough times then when Rocky gets in he’d have just as good a chance of just killing the guard as doing his usual Block-the-light trick.

And that's Rocky. Hope you like, please share any of your FNAF FCs. If there's any interest, i'd be curious to try and Roleplay as Rocky sometime.
Huge credit to :iconnoxivaga: for his base and his amazing FNAF pics which made me wanna do my own.
Fidget is stubborn by shadowmjl
Fidget is stubborn
So this is based on a conversation with :iconccgonzo12: while i was playing Dust: An Elysian Tail, a really great game, check it out. But yeah, we were joking about all these crawl spaces all over the place in the game that Dust himself can't fit inside but his sidekick Fidget easily could. I dunno if you get an ability to control Fidget separately later or something but...meh. It was just a joke i felt like drawing.

Dust's Steam page:…

Once a floating symbol of the overwhelming power and horrific conquest of the Scourge. A herald of hopelessness and relentless destruction of all life and purity. A putrid fortress of the most deplorable, vile creatures to be created in the name of the Lich King, spewing forth it’s unholy plague with the goal of total domination of Azeroth.

Naxxramas had been so much, done so much evil that its very name still sent a chill through anyone who heard it and knew of the ancient necropolis…and it’s dark master.

Now, however. Naxxramas lay cradled between the mountains of western Dragonblight. Left there after it had crashed so long ago. The cold foreboding walls now coated in a thick layer of clean, white snow as the storm raged across the high peaks. Inside the abandoned fortress there was nothing, no Ghouls grunting as they dragged their rotting carcasses across the halls which had felt dead and haunted even when they had been occupied, no swarm of chittering spiders crawling up the stone walls, no screams of fury from Death Knights being trained for the sole purpose of murdering and razing everything they had loved in life. The necropolis was silent, truly dead at long last. The only sound was the sharp whistling of the howling wind, a cruel warcry of nature as the snow continued to fall inexorably, as if Northrend itself wished this foul remnant of the past buried and forgotten.

And then something pierced the air. A rasping, strained cry of anguish, a spluttering coughing as of something being allowed to finally breath again after being forced to hold their breath. The sound was echoing, almost ethereal, wraithlike and came from the deepest core of Naxxramas, reverberating across every crevice of the necropolis.
Had anything living or dead been around to hear this gasping, ragged sound calling out to the darkness, they would have heard the eerie resonating voice speak three words, “”

The figure glided through the silent halls, purple robes blowing in a nonexistent wind, chains adorned the skeletal frame, clanging together musically, like ice crystals chiming as they blew in the wind, as a bony hand reached out to pick up a thick, brown leather-bound book that had fallen to the floor in the crash. A substantial layer of dust coated both the book and the floor. Kel’Thuzad mused over how long he had been gone as he mindlessly thumbed through the pages. Journal entries detailing multiple experiments in the Construct wing.
A jagged spear of a finger stroked along one of the tusk like bones protruding from his skull either side of his mouth as he thought aloud, “I am the master of Naxxramas no longer…I failed to guard the necropolis and I failed my king…” Suddenly the crackling, pale blue, arcane orbs that were the Lich’s eyes flared for a moment as a thought stuck him; He no longer heard the voice of the Lich King. Had he been forsaken to rot here for his failure? Why had the Lich King not simply destroyed him? The man who sat upon the Frozen Throne was many things but merciful was the last thing anyone could use to describe him. Kel’Thuzad had seen first hand the wrathful vengeance of the fallen Prince of Lordaeron and knew better then to believe for a moment he had been spared thanks to his years of loyalty.

The book was placed back on the table from which it had fallen, brushing away some of the dust, creating a small choking cloud. Thankfully Kel’Thuzad was unaffected and simply floated away towards the centre of the stronghold. He would go to the Frozen Throne himself to discover what had become of his King. The thought never crossed his mind that perhaps the Argent Crusade, the combined armies of the Alliance and the Horde had done the impossible and claimed victory. He had no time to consider such improbabilities.
The screaming wind echoing through the heart of Naxxramas had led Kel’Thuzad to assume the necropolis was, by now, completely buried beneath the snow and therefore the only way out had been blocked. “Bah. No matter.” He scoffed, raising his clawlike hand and muttering incantations. A small wisp of blue energy faded into existence, as if emerging from a fog and swirled around the Lich’s hand, joined soon by a second strand of energy, this one purple. The magical forces crackled and snapped as they began to pick up speed, spiralling around Kel’Thuzad now. Faster and faster, they grew until they were each as thick as a mans arm. Finally the energy seemed to explode in a brilliant flash of light, consuming the once proud Necromancer and spiriting him away from his dead tomb, which returned to its silent state once more.

Outside, atop the frozen spires the burst of arcane erupted, creating a shockwave which blasted back the untouched snow bank, launching much of itself up to join the merciless downpour of white daggers. The wind whipped at Kel’Thuzad’s robes, biting at his bones yet he felt nothing. He had felt nothing for years, not since his King, then still a living, mortal man of the Light, had brought his righteous hammer down upon him with all the fury and vengeance he would become known for.

As Kel’Thuzad travelled across Dragonblight, the land seemed much changed to how he remembered it. The ground was split open, leaving chasms and fissures scaring the earth all around him. There were signs of a battle, dead Orcs, Humans and Dragons littered the land, steadily being devoured by the same storm Naxxramas had already fallen beneath. The shattered remnants of a Horde airship too, he discovered. Through the dense white curtain shrouding his vision, it was difficult to make out but recognizable nonetheless. He dared not investigate this curious scene further though as the battle seemed to reach its peak at Wyrmrest Temple. The tower, despite the storm, was still visible on the horizon, defiant as ever.

By the time he had made it to the walls of Icecrown the storm had died down. Now able to see clearer, Kel’Thuzad could make out an Argent Crusade patrol. “So, they still stand watch at my masters walls…and yet they stand unopposed, it seems.” This was certainly curious. If he still retained a human body, he might’ve felt a knot in his gut, a sign of anxiety. This did not bode well. The damned Paladins standing watch seemed far too at ease. They did not carry the bearings of men caught in a desperate war against the armies of death itself.
With a wave of his hand, the Lich teleported beyond the wall before he could be seen by the Crusaders. This was all wrong. For the first time since he could remember, Kel’Thuzad felt a flicker of fear somewhere deep inside the twisting, sinister core of whatever remained of his soul. Icecrown was abandoned. He scanned the walkways, the cracked, deep blue, rocky expanse, the skies searching for a Frost Wyrm, a Ghoul, a single, solitary being…Nothing.
And then he ran, or as close to running as he could manage, soaring across the vacant wasteland he hurried to Icecrown Citadel. He would find his answers there for certain. He refused to consider the Lich King had fallen, it was not possible.

As he rounded the corner to the great saronite staircase leading to the immense citadels entrance Kel’Thuzad was stopped dead in his tracks. What lay before him was a gigantic pyre, the burnt out, blackened remains of what had once been, no doubt, a gargantuan inferno. Whoever had created this colossal bonfire had done so long ago, however. All that remained was a charred mound. Gazing at the ruins of an event he had missed, he noticed among the black wooden remnants a hand reaching out to him. A wave of realisation hit him with as much force as the tempest that greeted his escape from Naxxramas had tried and failed to. All confusion was swept away as a dreadful understanding came to him. He had tried to push this possibility out of his mind but this damnable evidence proved it; Icecrown, the centre of the vast, unrelenting, indisputable might of the Scourge…had fallen. The Argent Crusade had gathered every cadaver they could find and burned them to scour the influence of the Lich King from Azeroth forever.

High above Icecrown, towering at the roof of the world sat the Frozen Throne. Still pristine despite the years since its masters death. Kel’Thuzad hovered atop the glacial spire, staring at the throne.

It was not vacant.

Arthas Menethil, the man who was the Lich King, he was dead, Kel’Thuzad could no more deny that fact and yet his eyes beheld someone new. As he glided closer, gazing through the distorting, glassy window of ice, which had been cracked by some unknown fist to come here before him, splintering the image inside, he recognised the black, humanoid, scorched form which now sat in his masters throne. The man who now bore the Helm of Domination was Bolvar Fordragon. The Lich’s mind flashed back to events long passed to memories of a man, a champion of the Alliance. A man who fell at the Battle of the Wrathgate and was tortured by the Lich King personally.

So this was the answer he’d been given. Arthas, the Lich King, was dead and in his place now sat a broken, burned shadow of a man trapped within the ice that had birthed his true king.

The icy winds whirled around Kel’Thuzad in a low dirge, a requiem for all the power he had commanded, the armies the Lich King had marched forth from this very citadel. How close they had been, only to falter. All was lost now.

A pale blue light floated down from Kel’Thuzad’s peripheral. Turning slightly, he beheld a vision of eerie, ethereal beauty. A tall, ghostly angelic figure hovered, flying on great birdlike wings, which despite their size, looks delicate and gossamery. She wore black straps, binding across both her forearms, a large black steel belt and a shining silver breastplate. On her head she bore a helmet with what looked like horns curved upwards and the bulk of the helmet covered her face.

This creature, he knew well. A Val’Kyr. The only other being he had encountered in all of Icecrown. As he turned to face her he noticed several more of her kin flying overhead, coming down to join them. These were the instruments of the Lich King’s truest vengeance, the Val’Kyr were one of the many ways corpses were reanimated to join the Scourge. Greater then the Plague, greater even then himself, Kel’Thuzad was forced to admit, these who were once Vrykul women had the power to raise armies.

The hovering angels watched Kel’Thuzad in silent understanding as every ounce of hopelessness and despair trickled away from the Lich, were he able he would have smiled. A deep, rumbling sound roiled up within his ribcage, throwing his head back he let out a thunderous laugher, his otherworldly echoing voice travelling deep within the deserted halls of the citadel. It was a sinister, disturbing sound that carried with it every scrap of malice the Lich had within him.

Turning back to Bolvar, Kel’Thuzad saw not a Lich King, not even a man. He saw a pathetic creature who had become the very thing he so hated in life, an abhorrent waste of power, power he himself rightfully deserved. This man would not have the stomach to do what he must when he finally awoke. Kel’Thuzad, the Lord of Naxxramas, he would do what he knew the true Lich King would have commanded him to do. His path was so clearly laid out before him he wondered how he had ever faltered in his faith.

He would rebuild the Scourge. He would become the new Lord of the Dead. The new Lich King.
The Lord of Naxxramas
Heyo, i've been wanting to get back into writing for a while now and after scribbling a few scraps of scenes here and there i finally sat my ass down and -finished- something. I'm thinking of uploading this to the WoW fanfiction forums but i might as well put it up here first. In hindsight i should've mentioned Mr. Bigglesworth or ackowledged his Phylactery but it is like..7:25am here ;3; I'll do a second draft later..

Constructive criticism is highly encouraged, i wanna get better at my writing.


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So I’m a little bit late on this considering it was over Friday and Saturday but yeah, I caved and bought a Blizzcon ticket. *pets Grommloc* And just wanted to give a quick journal on my thoughts considering this was my first Blizzcon. Obviously I’d have loved to be there in person but I have a wedding to save up for and I’m not getting on a plane for 10 hours for 2 days of walking around. I’ve been to conventions before, when Nerds gather together in large numbers, the heat we generate could power a city.

So yeah, this is gonna be a review of the virtual ticket experience. So first things first, Blizzard…get a better streamer..seriously. The quality of the stream kept taking a nosedive at random, cut out at random and I had to keep refreshing the page to get it back. It’s not a big deal but it was definitely an annoyance.

So the opening ceremony did it’s job at getting me hyped to Hell, especially considering Warlords of Draenor goes live in a couple days. The Hearthstone Goblins vs. Gnomes expansion looks great although if I’m honest I was hoping for another Hearthstone Adventure like Naxxramas. I dunno, maybe Blackwing Lair or Ahn’Quiraj.
The big news of course is Blizzard launching a brand new IP; Overwatch and I’m sure my first thoughts upon seeing the trailer and game footage were the same as many others; “Wait, is Blizzard making a movie about superheroes? It looks cool but it’s an odd turn. Oh! It’s a game….it’s Team Fortress 2 =/” But after watching the Overwatch Overview panel I’ve got a lot more confidence in Overwatch and if I’m honest I can’t wait for this game, it genuinely looks like something that could -replace- TF2 for me. Just the manoeuvrability of the characters, the sweet powers and ways you can manipulate the match and other players with them, like Tracer’s Blink, Bomb, Recall combo just make it look sooo much fun. If you dunno what I’m talking about check out the trailers, it looks great.

Most of the stuff on WoW itself and Diablo though was interesting to watch but I’m a huge fan of all that Behind the Scenes stuff. On the surface though, there wasn’t really any new information about either game, save for the fact that there’s a few new Treasure Goblins being added to Diablo. It’s a nice touch but not a huge deal. I was hoping for like, the next expansion after Reaper of Souls or something.
Now the Warcraft movie panel, left me for the first time…ever, really excited for a Video Game adaptation movie. Anyone who plays game knows the completely abysmal record for movie adaptations. When the best we’ve got in terms of accuracy are Mortal Kombat and Silent Hill, you know we’re in a bad place. But the panel got me honestly excited for the movie and quelled a lot of anxiety I had towards it. I got to see a few cast members and hear a bit about the story being based on Warcraft 1, which I always thought it should be that instead of Warcraft 3 or WoW itself and it sounds like it’s gonna kick ass.
That said there was something that seriously pissed me off; There was a viewing of some clips and a teaser from the movie that was not available to virtual ticket holders, you had to physically be there to see it and that’s bullshit, it’s nothing more then teasing us and it’s just rubbing it in that some of us couldn’t make it to Blizzcon because there were several other panels that weren’t on the virtual ticket too, like the voice actors panel.

But I digress, the movie itself is sounding great so just keep praying ^^;. Moving on, Heroes of the Storm, while I haven’t gotten to play it myself I do want to, it looks great, I love the aesthetic environments and character designs. There were a couple new battlegrounds announced, a few panels going over the character building process and sound design so I enjoyed those and of course a few new characters announced, Jaina Proudmoore, Thrall and Sylvanas Windrunner. I do wonder with the over abundance of WoW characters if there’s a bunch of Starcraft and Diablo characters waiting to be announced to balance things out. Also announced as playable was the Lost Vikings and when asked about bringing the Vikings back, there was a mention of “Older Blizzard properties” including Blackthorne so we might be getting him as a future hero.

The three big tournaments were, obviously, World of Warcraft PVP Championships, Hearthstone’s first ever World Championship and the Starcraft 2 Global Finals. Now I haven’t watched the Starcraft finals yet but the Hearthstone championships were..not exciting but very interesting. Watching Hearthstone is a lot like watching Chess games, both players looking stone faced as you just watch their every move, enjoying the spectacle of an expert strategy being played out. Btw congrats to Firebat, it seemed like he was one of the players with very little hype behind him and he just bulldozed his way to the Championship.
The WoW championship however….Okay look, I’m not a sports fan. You put the Football World Cup or the Super Bowl in front of me and I’ll fall asleep, I just can’t care about it…with the WoW matches..I may or may not have found myself yelling at my computer monitor more then once..<<..>>..
The matches were really exciting and so many times a player would take a huge amount of damage, only to duck behind a pillar and get a heal on them, it got so tense a lot of the time.

It was cool getting to see a Live Raid on day 2 of some new content in WoD, and making it a race between a top Horde Guild and top Alliance Guild didn’t hurt either…*cough*FortheHorde*cough*

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the Looking for Group documentary but really it was kinda emotional, all things considered. Taking into account this movie covers 2 decades of work put into a franchise that has become synonymous with the term MMORPG and Video Games in general and affected so many people in such a profound way. I know it might sound sad but this documentary really shows how World of Warcraft can be more then a money draining video game to people, including myself. (Also points for the many cameos, extra for getting Oxhorn)

So that’s the bulk of both days content, and to wind off both days we had the contests on Friday and a bigass Concert on Saturday.
The contests was mostly bands and one dance group, a movie contest and an art competition. All the entries were awesome, I loved the Sore Loser movie, though I’m probably biased towards Machinema  ^^; But if I’m honest my favourite entry in the entire competition was a song called Dropship by Recap. It’s like a rock/rap song about Starcraft 2...considering I don’t even play Starcraft 2 (Always meant to, just never got round to it, plus I suck at RTS) and I’m not a fan of Rap…that should tell you something about how well these guys did. Here’s a link to check it out yourselves;…

And the costume competition was a lot of fun, I’ve got nothing but respect and admiration for people who make cosplay costumes, some of the ones seen here were insanely detailed. It’s unfortunate that the first place winner was unable to get on stage and show off her costume as from what I heard, she’d slipped and fallen, spraining her ankle and breaking her costume. I’ve seen some photos of it from earlier in the day and it does look amazing.

And to round out the entire convention was 2 and a half hours of rock! :headbang: First we got a concert by ETC, something I’d been looking forward to seeing all year, and we got 2 new songs, one of which being an Alliance anthem to go alongside Power of the Horde. (Wonder if they’ll be playing them both at Darkmoon Faire now) And then of course, the grand finale, Metallica! It was amazing and I imagine that alone justified the price of the ticket to a lot of people. The entire concert was incredible and would’ve been a perfect end to the event if not for one teeny thing….My house had a power cut halfway through -_-; And I didn’t get power back til the next day. Soo…thank God for the Archived video playback.

Which brings me to my biggest issue and overall thoughts on Blizzcon. Overall Blizzcon 2014 was good, I really enjoyed it, I was able to get into the excitement and feed my Nerdiness. However I get the feeling like there was way more hype over some events then deserved, like the panel that did nothing but explain all the stat and class changes done in Patch 6.0.2 for WoW, or the one that was mostly just saying “Remember how shit Diablo 3 was at launch? Good job we fixed all that for Reaper of Souls, amirite?” The biggest complaint I heard about this Blizzcon was how little new information there was for WoW and Diablo and…yeah, I’ve gotta agree. Like I said, I enjoyed the Hell out of this Blizzcon but remember; this is my FIRST Blizzcon, I was going to enjoy it anyway. I get the impression past years were overall better.
That said, my biggest problem is that I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling a twinge of Buyers Remorse. I spent money for a virtual ticket to view this event and see everything there was to see and at least for me, I feel like the whole virtual ticket experience was a little backhanded, like I was being given stuff but also missing some stuff because “Hey, it’s your own fault. You should’ve come here in person.” And all the events I PAID to see are now all up on Youtube to be viewed for free, which I always knew would happen, it’s the internet but most of the events are uploaded on Blizzards own Youtube channels. That feels like a serious slap in the face right there. What was even the point of me buying the ticket then? The ingame pets, transmogs and stuff were a nice exclusive but they shouldn’t be the main reason for paying, y’know?

Anywho, I know this is a really long entry, I meant to just write a couple paragraphs but there was just more and more I wanted to talk about ^^; So yeah, thanks for putting up with my ranting and to those of you who play WoW, I will see you on Draenor! :peace:

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