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Let's Fail Alien Isolation Crew Expendable by shadowmjl
Let's Fail Alien Isolation Crew Expendable…

Got a new video up. Had to create a Dailymotion account for this one because FUCK GOOGLE PLUS. Apparently i can't upload anything longer then 15 minutes now even though i've got videos 2 hours long uploaded already. Unfortunately that means a little video quality drop so it's a lil blurry. Hope it's not too bad but i'll try and get it uploaded at higher quality on Youtube at some point >_<

Yeah this video ended up being less funny then i thought it'd be. Unlike guys like Markiplier or Yammimash, i don't scream much. When I get scared I just sort of implode…
Silver Crusader by shadowmjl
Silver Crusader
So yeah, part 2 of the Diablo pics. As i said, my favorite class is either the Demon Hunter or Crusader. I may do a Demon Hunter one in the future but for now, my favorite class in WoW has always been the Paladin, i love Paladins in general so i had to go with the Crusader for Silver :P
This one took a bit longer to do then the others, mainly trying to figure out how the armor would work, how he'd hold the shield and making that God damn Flail >_<
I'd originally planned to have him holding the flail in his mouth, as i'd imagine him swinging it like that in combat and holding the Shield with his wing but ultimately i couldn't get it to work and just tried to make it look like the flail was being held by his other wing instead. Sorry >_o

Base by :iconstargazeschrecken1:
Sparky Inkheart Barbarian by shadowmjl
Sparky Inkheart Barbarian
Okay so there's a slight story behind this and the next one i'll be uploading; :icondragonheart69: and i have been playing the crap out of Diablo 3 lately. While it's far from a perfect game, and i understand the disappointment from Diablo 1 and 2 fans, we both love the game and so far Devina's favorite class is definitely the Barbarian, mine is either the Demon Hunter or Crusader. So yeah, Devina made her own Pony FC after i...kindasorta got her into the show :P And after thinking it over for a long time she decided on a name and Cutie Mark.
I actually drew this before the Cici pic so this is the first time i ever tried the magic effect and as a slight side note i can say that sword was a BITCH to draw >_<
Oh well, hope y'all like it :3

Base by :icondrugzrbad:
Cici Moonstar by shadowmjl
Cici Moonstar
I got bored and wanted to do something for a special friend of mine; :iconccgonzo12: Hope you like it, sis :D
This is also where i started messing with how to do the magic effect, i think it turned out okay :P

Design based on :iconhyper-sonicx:'s pic here;…
Base by :iconblazethefirepony:
The Night Guard by shadowmjl
The Night Guard
So i decided to do one of Silver in the armor he'd have worn when he was a soldier. Based it partially on the typical golden armor you see Celestia's guards wearing.


Val the Raccoon
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Hello to all. So yeah....i kinda disappeared for the best part of a year, didn't i? I guess an explanation is owed. Unfortunately I won’t be going into too much detail because it is still very sensitive but long story short, around the start of 2013 I was hit with some very horrible events one after another, including some deaths, all this together in such a short time span drove me into very deep depression to the point I was on suicide watch for a while. This lasted the majority of the year and I only started to get better towards the tail end. However with the help of my family and the friends who I told, I’ve gotten much, much better and now I believe I am over it. To those who were there for me through it all, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, you saved me from a very dangerous situation.

Now then, happier topic! :D What do I have going on at the moment? Hmm….Well, I’ve updated and altered my Youtube channel, it’s still being set up for it but I’m working on some Let’s Play videos as well as some movie and game reviews under the working title “Niches and Nitpicks” AND if anybody is interested I MIGHT do some Creepypasta readings. Apparently all you need is some creepy music and a British accent so I’m in :P
I got RPG Maker VX Ace sometime last year and have been playing around with it, working on a couple different games. Mostly typical fantasy Final Fantasy style stuff but I’m hoping to make a few horror games down the line.
As some might have noticed I’m back with making comics and have been working quite hard on one I should hopefully be able to start uploading soon based around Digimon. I already have a few pages finished and ready to upload but I want to make more before I start uploading so I don’t end up failing at this project like most of my others =/
Likewise I’ve been writing a lot on my new fanfic, I still need a good title for it at the moment so I’m just referring to it as Reboot as that’s exactly what it is; I hit the big, red continuity eraser button on my old fanfics and rebuild everything from the ground up.

Also one more thing; I’m just clearing this up. My username now on…most everything, is now Chozo_Hunter. It’s only still Shadowmjl because I’m not buying a subscription to DA just to change it.

So yeah, that’s the rundown of my life the past year. Got some new games, new friends, new music, new books, new projects. Life goes on.

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